w o r d s

Words written
With careless heed
To warnings of
Withholding norms
Now lie dying
As aging ink
Seeps into
Dried paper veins

All meanings lost
For you read not
What was bared
In black and white
Strike a match
Put them to rest
A different light
Than that deserved

Watch them burn
Till the white
Is all gone
What remains
Is just
Black dust

Till ashes
I remain
Was the solemn
Promise made
Let me not
Be the one
Who eventually did
Betray those words.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

11 thoughts on “w o r d s”

  1. I don’t even believe how perfectly you have expressed this!!
    Understand what it feels when they don’t meet their hidden purpose..
    Gradually, we ourselves begin to realise our worth in their eyes and fear that maybe.. just maybe a time comes now that we stop feeling that intensity

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      1. It may be because you start learning new things about it and realising what the authenticity of things you assumed is. Or it may merely be because you exhaust yourself by thinking too much about it, that you unconsciously mould it to aometh else altogether!..

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      2. Yes maybe, the moment you start wondering about the authenticity of it, your sub conscious is already telling you something is amiss. Over thinking is just a natural human reaction to try and justify what gnaws within. It happens when we try to find fault with our own intuitive forces to justify ‘why it can’t be so’. I have often been told that I over think – but personally I feel that it is just a proceed to align your rational thought process with the inner gut feelings. The moment they align you know with clarity, and a decision is easy to take. A decision taken after an alignment of both, a happy one or a difficult one, is seldom visited with regret.

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