s e a r c h

Photo : self

Search search search
For happiness we all do
And so many definitions
For finding it I have found,

Wise men, rich men
The famous, the attained
All had words of wisdom
To share on its abode,

Irrespective of the platforms
That they had acieved
From where on then
They all sought to preach,

On their deathbeds
As they lay enlightened
Inspite of all differences
They always seemed to agree,

‘Stop searching outwards
For what really exists within
Everything is not necessary
To have had or to have owned’,

So do what you thought
You should have done
Before the games and scores
On you took their toll,

Say what you had wanted
Send the message you typed
Which your own mortal fears
Made you put on a permanent hold,

Check the mirror in front then
Reflecting your smiling self
And know that in that moment
Happiness, was what you had.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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