s a c r e d

Pic: Self

so bored of the hollow
words that rain down
from the repetitive colours
of my pen,

lets talk of what kills you
each day
that you
wake up to be alive,

no don’t tell me
about your illusions
for i wouldn’t want you
to dilute my truth,

its the empty space
beside me
that i hold
so sacredly for you,

and that emptiness
is what kills me
every morning
that i get to open my eyes.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

13 thoughts on “s a c r e d”

  1. let what you love kill you let it get under your skin and haunt your dreams bring you to tears even…once you feel true raw emotion for a thing you want or need you have given the universe the power to bring it home to you. ❀ your raining down of words keeps me coming back for more!


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