c o a t s

animal coats.jpg
Pic: Internet

absolve me
of all the
stand up acts
that don’t
match with
your own

you point
a finger
at the colors
on my coat,
that seem
to offend
your eyes,

i too
the straight lines
of black and white
that so adorn
your hide,

but then
who am I
to judge,
the patterns
on anyone
else’s back,

most are given
a choice,
and some
just learn
to adapt
to the tide.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

3 thoughts on “c o a t s”

  1. I agree your wording is a fresh take on the phenomenon of comparing ourselves…usually in pursuit of taking someone down. I am not one to contemplate such behaviors anymore but once upon a time it hurt to see others do this and I find myself internally accepting others how they are, always unable to be within themselves and find ways to better themselves. J

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