d r e a m s

what if dreams
were the real world,

away from the trivialites
of the external one,

not just a manifestation
of the sleeping form,

but a temporary return
of the soul to its home,

what if the visions were more
about what is to be done,

than just a random kaleidoscope
of the life already gone,

an assessment of mortal fears
by the immortal being,

a self programmed tutorial
that brings forth the demons and the dreams,

messages from beyond
flashed on the inner screen,

a reiteratment of the strength
that is embedded within,

for i have seen places
that i have never set foot on,

and i have known faces
that i have known not,

what if the memories dissolve
into the soul when it is freed,

that could be a reason
why i know you so,

but you still dont
recognise me.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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