you and i

Pic: Self

you and i
are all the same,

My stories are
nothing more
than excerpts
stolen from yours,

My songs maybe sung
to a different tune
but the lyrics
are more or less
from your own song book,

My thoughts
may find words
which long to run amok
but the feelings they shed
have already been felt by you,

My world may differ
in time and space,
but it is still made
of the same sponge
with which you soak yours,

My face may be original
to enable you to find me
lost amongst a crowd
but it boasts of nothing more
than what yours is all about,

My immediate world
may center
around my limited visions
but imagine the walls
had you not lent me yours,

My life may have
its own purpose to fulfill
but who
would have called it a life
had you not been in it.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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