f r e e d o m

Pic: Self “Freedom”

Raised the bar
so high for all,
ideals written
in black
and white,

The do’s
and don’ts
on impressionable minds,
deeply inscribed
tarnished thoughts,

Reverence received
for not
visibly falling,
into the sea
of human greys,

Projected beliefs
claiming divine clarity,
on the wrongs
and rights
and moral binds,

Deceptive intentions
or ego’s call,
of one head
trying to rule
different hearts,

Projecting paths
on watery surfaces,
where bridges
were needed
to cross across,

Don’t divide me into
your colorless extremes,
I am but
a reflection
of the sunlit sky,

I am every color
the earth lets me be,
every shade
the eyes
were meant to see,

Don’t tempt me
with the fabled
pots of gold,
from the dark
to the light
all rainbows are mine,

What is built
the winds of the heart,
one day will surely
turn to dust,

The history of us
is also
a prophecy,
water must flow
like water does,

Dams can hold
only as much
at a time,
and sometimes the infallible
can also fall.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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