m e r m a i d s

Pic: Internet, Artist: Unknown

years of practice
of keeping
this pirate’s
treasure chest locked,

hidden amongst
the restful beds
of the deepest oceans
came to naught,

when with a blink
of her devilish eyes
an intended intention
or a habitual craft,

she broke open
the rusting lock
releasing the lid
to my pandora’s box,

my hidden beats
now littered across
these virgin sands
like stars in the sky,

too many to catch
and put back in the safe
as bewildered fish swim around
with curious eyes,

she spontaneously sparkled
a mischievous smile
disappearing into darkness
with a swish of her tail,

already drowned
I look at the spread
everything held within
lying scattered but still unclaimed,

intent still unknown
but without her now
it almost feels
like a moonless night,

words spoken
before I drowned
by daring sailors
who knowingly warned,

slowly come back
to the thinking mind
but provide no aid
to the forlorn heart,

“sink or sail
in these waters blue
but never let a mermaid
venture near you”




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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