f o r e s t   f i r e

broke open the dam
on arid land,
awakening seeds,
that had forgotten
their own existence,

you watch in amazement
at what unfolds,
impulsively torching
this growing forest,
unable to fathom
your own magic,

it burns,
you wait,
perplexed by
the results,
of your own
unintended actions,

in one hand
you hold,
a reservoir
of water,
in the other
the culprit flame,

to douse or not,
all over your face,
you love the green
but your shield
has been the fire,

vulnerability once led you
to build the dam,
yet the
forest in flames,
at your mercy now,

you ponder
over the past lessons,
as you wonder whether
to let yourself flow,
or to maintain
your practiced

the clouds hold back
their brimming tears,
for this once
they want to wait,
for your intentions
to show.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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