v e i l s

you hide
of excuses,

that time slowly
wears each one

the veil, the face
the reality, the illusion
all a passing
game of sorts,

exposed, i wait
for time to tell
what will be, and
what will be not.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

13 thoughts on “v e i l s”

      1. Veils in relationship is something I haven’t done so far but… I have yet to find someone who will take me on…
        After reading your lines, I thought back… I didn’t play games but I was played don’t know yet if it was deliberate or by chance… Sometimes fate plays games…
        Your few lines on ur life opened up my lines in my heart… Hmmm such is life… Such is life

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      2. Yes, Shalini…such is life. My lines somewhere too stem from my own experiences in life….but in the end each one to his own. And yes, sometimes for one’s own protection, some veils are best kept on….till whatever time they are required for.

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