d r e a m

Pic: Self

They say
that I am gone
but I continue
to lie

the wrinkled skin
still feeling
like an old

I knew
you would miss me
it’s nice to know
for once
I wasn’t wrong,

the swelling tears
in your eyes
will find their home
when they
finally fall,

on the sheets
filled with my words
when later alone
you read them
at night,

and when you
finally fall asleep
I’ll tip toe back
to take one
last look,

at the carelessly
spread sheets
with the ink
now all smudged
with your tears,

all my
mixed with
your essence
now fully complete,

and I’ll enter your dreams
to tell you
that I patiently wait
once again
on the other side,

for you



Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

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