k a r m a

i would
have stopped,
a long
time back,

the chase
the hope,
of what i know
could be,

but apparently
there’s a secret,
no one else
tells you so,

the universe,
is actually
a lazy

secretly working,
on a manually
karmic spring,

so i keep at it,
in the best
and only way
that i seem to know,

honest words,
into it’s
daily grind,

that someday,
they’ll make you
change your mind.




Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

14 thoughts on “k a r m a”

      1. My belief is to let the lady in question assess your ‘value’ (pardon the poor choice of word)… she will know the answer even if she will not admit to it / express it (how I wish mine would!)

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  1. Hope keeps us going…And as you said, being good and honest in our karmas keeps the hope alive. Do good, feel good because the good will eventually come back to you.


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