‘Gustakh Dil’ by NMY

My friend, and wonderful fellow poet, Nandita, aka NMY from  emotionalspaces.wordpress.com has done a beautiful Urdu rendition of a poem I posted in English titled  ‘f o l l y’,  a few days back. 

The Urdu rendition has been titled very aptly by her as ‘Gustakh Dil’! Check it out for yourself below.

Thank you NMY for the wonderful gesture and honour!

Gustakh Dil   by NMY

Arso beet gaye
Gustakh dil mera
Jo tumhe
Chaand samajh baitha

Shayaro ke lafz
Lekar udhaar
Nadaan khwaab
Boondta raha main
Jise khuli aannk se dekhu toh
Pairon tale zameen fisal jaye

Tabassum tumhari aisi
Mano khud ki bewakoofi,
Shayari mein guzre huye woh lamhe
Lout ke maare mujhe taane

Ilm hua ab (jaana maine ab)
Ki sirf ek roz roshan chaand
toh bewafa hain
Par tum
har roz apni roshni
Mein lipti huyi ho…


Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

4 thoughts on “‘Gustakh Dil’ by NMY”

  1. Yay!!!! So happy to see it here. Couldn’t wait to comment. My excitement gets the better of me at times. And thank you Vidur for finding it worthy enough and for your warm words for me. 🙂

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