Pic Credit: Anne Ruthmann Photograghy

The books that lie unnoticed
in the neglected corners of the shelves,

the ones which were once picked
half read, then carelessly left,

holding tales of passion
love and often a chronic despair,

in a story replete with courage
and a silent dignified strength,

Eyes searching for bestsellers
will never know their worth,

for they hide their epics secure
within their unpretentious covers,

as marketing for attention
was never ever their endeavour,

the books that lie in oblivion
in a soulful patient wait,

for hands with a feel
and a heart and mind of depth,

that can venture to open the pages
to read beyond those already aired,

for those are the books
which can hold you engrossed,

and will live with you forever
beyond their bounded pages,

till absorbed and understood
in order to have been fairly read.



10 thoughts on “Library Tales

    1. Yes, very true Bela! Now, I request you to read it again…with those ‘books’ as a metaphor for those people who for whatever reason have lost their partner or loved one midlife, and are waiting, unsure of the future, vary to open up again to another…and you’ll find my inspiration for this piece! πŸ™‚

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      1. You know, Vidur – I read this on my phone while waiting for my lunch today – something I rarely if ever do. I’m not much of an iPhone person, all in all. Now that I’m home, sitting reading this on my laptop, of COURSE I apprehend your meaning! Lovely, as always. 😘

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