Pic : Self

Isn’t it starange
that the only time,
I am not really alone
is when I actually am,

endless thoughts
and silent conversations,
amongst the setting sun
and birds returning home,

another day of life
slowly sneaking into twilight,
and me watching
like a silent observer,

wondering what all
the world had scheduled,
and wondering how much
it really got done,

thinking and pondering
over my own contribution,
did it add or take away
from the totality of it all,

I look at the sky
and the passing flying flock,
they’ll never know me
I’ll never know their thoughts,

and though in that
moment of an accepted
obscure existence,
in my skin I stand alone,

but life in different ways
teases, shows and inspires,
keeping those
questioning thoughts alive,

and whether they add wealth
to the world or not,
in terms of accredited
established measures,

they sure do
keep me good company,
flying free like the birds
making me come alive.

Β© vidursahdev 2018

22 thoughts on “Alone

  1. “Accepted obscure existence” becomes so much clearer as one moves further into life. We are specks among stars, all of us. And yet we can and do make an impact with all we say and do. Nicely put, Vidur. Aloha.

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