Cab Tales

Pic : Self

Long conversations
on busy city roads,
between the driver
and a curious mind,

while the car moves
alongside so many others
most drivers guided now
by a heavenly satellite,

a pent up voice in front
begins to tell a story,
of his own life’s
continuing traffic jams,

his today, his now
he shares with a stranger,
his future, as he plans
he pans out orally for advice,

his pain, his torment
he lays bare without shame,
he tells me about his family
and now I know their names,

irrespective of all the dents
there is so much beauty,
when a person speaks
keeping his self pride intact,

inspite of all the jams
he must drive through,
his confidence in a better future
is based on his own strengths,

he smiles thoughtfully
at the green light ahead,
and I know he is on a road
different from his car,

bereft of the status’s
that the world stamps on us,
it’s an experience to hear
when a human really talks,

my story, your story
is no different from his,
and we part with mutual wishes
for a happier road ahead.

© vidursahdev 2018


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

16 thoughts on “Cab Tales”

  1. So true! And these conversations make us realise that we live in ivory towers and know so little of the world outside and the common man’s dreams and everyday problems, even his thoughts. And it’s so important in a country like ours!

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    1. When it comes to the dreams and problems, the stories are not very different – the hopes have foundations in a brighter furture for themselves and their kids, and the problems seem to run in circles around relationships, family or otherwise!!!

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  2. This is so interesting. I don’t live where we take taxis, but when I travel and use them, I always engage the driver. And the driver is ever ready to reveal much about himself. The Russian policeman (now a cab driver in San Jose, CA) and the Indian physician leap to mind. What a strange world where we cast aside this kind of talent because of immigration confusion.

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  3. Every now and then I come here and read these with the intention of going on a little vacation … so that I can also go on a road different from my car… 🙂 It is really an experience when a human talks through poetry.

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