Pic : Self clicked

Do you often

to make sense
of everything,

that which
has happened

that which is

and that which
might happen,

or not
happen at all,

Do you often

of the
what ifs,

of that
which you have,

and of that
which you don’t,

of the dreams
you chase,

and those
that fell by the way,

Do you often

how the past
becomes immaterial,

to the reality
of a today,

or the difference

what you have
on paper,

and them
that are for real,

between those
that you can count,

and those
your arms can hold,

Do you often

on how life
silently flows,

to a guaranteed

on whether love
is a boat,

or is it just
the oars…

…for i often

and often
i fail,

to make
logical sense,

of this
quzzical breath,

that feeds
me moments,

but also takes
out life,

And ever
so often,

my unseen

laughs amused
at me,

telling me
to go on,

refusing to

the simplistic

that already

Β© vidursahdev 2018

20 thoughts on “Do you…?

  1. This looks like “Foxy Girl,” my inappropriate name for the camp dog at the base where I volunteered in Israel. The other people won in calling the dog’s name by the same name as the base (which I won’t say). Loved that little girl, and it brings up the feelings as such that only love-loss can…

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