How many before

Pic : Self

How many
have I lived

my memory
has no answers
to that,

I only speak
what I have
managed to learn,

in the existence
of this
here and now,

lessons learnt
from the very first

the sum total
of my
knowledge base,

I ask my hands
where are those
they held,

if this soul
had ventured
here before,

the lines on
the palms
maybe tell a story,

but I
remain inept
at deciphering them so,

the heart
still believes
in the language of beats,

and it calls
to them
that have heard it before,

the senses tingle
at any signs
of familiarity,

till hopes
are shattered
by strangers galore,

how many lives
have I lived

I often
to ask myself,

though memory fails
to recount

a lingering feeling
abounds in the soul,

which inspite
of the missing
evidentiary proof,

tacitly whispers
that I have been
here before.

Β© vidursahdev 2019

How many before (Corollary)


Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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