Our Script, and Me

They say
you get to choose,
who you meet in life,

it’s a choice you make
long before,
you even open your eyes,

so if that be so,
then i have no
reason to complain,

for our meetings and partings,
are apparently
all self ordained,

The joys and the pains,
are all purely
self inflicted tests,

and that
empty feeling
of your absence,

after knowing the joy
of your
soulful presence,

is simply a pre-planned,
consciously scripted
comedy of errors,

where missing you
by right,
is not in my mouth to say,

for even if i do,
as i often do
in this seeming permanance,

this stage
we set for ourselves,
before our story began,

is at best ruled
by a time bound existence
of a proven temporariness.

Β© vidursahdev 2019

Author: vidur sahdev

Living life...as it comes!

15 thoughts on “Our Script, and Me”

      1. Haa haa tell me about it. It’s darn frustrating but won’t deny learning …….it’s about breaking the concept of yin and yang until we become our own whole ……our own yin and yang …….for a true union isn’t about 50/50 …it is 100/100 …….two completes. Sigh although I wonder how many actually achieve it

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