The Butterfly, and Me

Pic : Self

i sat quietly,
to her words,

as she,
the queen
of change,

wisdom to me,

“this one life,
is only limited
by one’s mind,

to occur,

the past,
and identities,

must be,
left behind,

the leaf
was what,
helped me survive,

my food
my shelter,
once upon a time,

but now,
we’ve outgrown
each other,

in our seekings
from life,
in our different ways,

i owe my debts,
but i no longer
carry their weight,

i had a purpose,
but it has changed
from then to now,

and whatever i was,
is of no relevance
to the waiting flower,

so i let go
amongst the raindrops
all that was me,

to spread
the wings now given,
to be all that i can be”.

Β© vidursahdev 2019

Author: vidur sahdev

Living it comes!

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