Pic : Self

beyond the reality,
of measured norms
and calibrated themes,

i once dared,
to hold on to a dream
beyond the world of sleep,

could it have been
a lapse or a fault
of the conscious mind,

to want a reality
that wasn’t a part
of this manifested life,

or could it a memory,
a summary recollection
of that which once had already been,

but either way
i see it,
it all still seems fine,

for reality i now live
without the weight
of any regrets,

and those dreams
that started it all
by lingering beyond their time,

still remain
soul stirring questions
though unanswered for now,

and revisited in the mind
often, dawn to dusk,

but now reserved
to be screened
not beyond, my shut eyes.

Β© vidursahdev 2019

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