i am crafted
from the same
as you,

i existed
and so
did you,

did we really
lose sight
of each other,

you see me
as a stranger
and nothing
seems stranger,

the skins hide
what they
should’ve shown,

but when
this shell breaks
we will
meet again,

and maybe
the next trip
we’ll plan
a little better.

ยฉ vidursahdev 2020

10 thoughts on “Strangers

    1. Thank you, Maria. Maybe it is a stage in life…where one appreciates the growth…yet wonders about the experiences which might have been missed out…and the possibility of them still, without compromising on the direction…

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  1. Love this. Perhaps we are here to learn there are no boundaries, save for those we must put in place to protect our own vulnerabilities. And one day, perhaps we won’t even need those, should humanity shift its consciousness. Possible. I think Mother Nature is giving it her best shot. ๐Ÿค—

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