where we are
is a strange place to be,
almost unknown to the past
but now
forever etched in history,

were we like them,
so busy with life
up and down the same streets
hoarding every grain in sight,

did we all look the same
as they do to us,
focused on a search
just to reach the night,

we too
are greedy for sugar,
the craving for sweetness
the pleasures of the senses
and the egoistical delights,

they tunnel
and we build,
safe havens for everything
that can be valued
and stored,

we have often
looked at them with admiration,
though we know
theirs is a choiceless
programmed plight,

yet, when the rain falls
as it does now
we, like them
scatter and run

the tunnels flooded,
the possessions
the vaults
all lifeless
heartless slobs,

and as the water increases
some run in deeper
some run out,
is the spell broken
or is the spell now cast,

who knows I wonder
as my eyes spot
a little ant tottering in,
from under the gap
of my room door,

wandering aimlessly
lost and alone,
its program still running
but the world it knew earlier
existing no more.

© vidursahdev 2020

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