Thank you for this beautiful reading, Maria! Thank you for honouring this piece of writing with your voice. The change of the pronoun at the end did catch me by surprise…but it read out well. Thank you so much once again, absolutely loved it! Also, the artwork you chose, so perfectly resonates with the essence of the words!

Link to Maria’s audio reading of ‘Her’ :-

Reflections on Existence

This was the first reading of the poem. I was changing the pronouns as I went and in the end, I was surprised. I thought to record it again, but why? Honesty is beautiful. Thank you once again Vidur for granting me the joy of reading your work. You can find more of Vidur’s Poetry at Verse in Motion


i see her not,
the wind,
but she does exist,
or formed,
quite immaterial
to my essence,
for I know her
from her touch
and her
gentle whispers
in my ears,
like the weather
like the clouds,
sometimes hot
sometimes cold,
her expressions
but her presence
always felt,
she often arrives
from the flowers
she has  just
dusted off,
and sometimes,
contagiously intoxicated
with the
heavy breath
of those
thirst quenched
rain-bearing clouds,
she owns her moods
and charts
her own path,
i can’t beckon…

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