it is such
an exasperating job,

to walk down
one by one,
through all
the lit and the unlit
alleys of the mind,

the ground
for those hidden
self damaging

planted by years
of sub-conscious
layed by people,
and life,

and detonating each
someone else
triggers them again,

it is such an exasperating job
for once
one sets out,
there are so many
that get discovered,

but funnily
i see a smile,
reflected back
on my usually
critical mirror,

some one seems
to be enjoying,
the sound of
these controlled
detonating mines,

but it still is an exasperating job
being that mindful minesweeper.

© vidursahdev 2020

5 thoughts on “The Minesweeper

  1. What a creative poem. And yes, I feel that, too. That we must detect what life offers, as if we can predict everything. We cannot do that for everything. It is sometimes that we step on a mine, and it blows up in our face. Though, we may not be dead, we have to put ourselves back together.


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  2. Lovely poem,self reflections .Life is such like the dangerous mines ,where few people like to tread out of fear of being damaged or hurt. Yet the person who is destined to live in such a place learns to accept it the way it is and smiles at his /her own fate and moves on ignoring the cuts and bruises of life. Thanks a lot for sharing.👍🌹🙏

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