i stand peacefully
with open arms
at the edge of the sea,
inspite of my feet
apparently being unable
to hold their ground
as her waves push
and pull the earth beneath,

as if i was nothing
but a weightless puppet
to and fro without strings
to the motion
of her waves,
swaying precariously
with the feet continuing
to sink deeper,
till they are
firmly rooted
in her flimsy playground,

it is a moment of bliss
and i feel like a tree
that can now stand steady
on its these
unconventional roots,
which in the moment
go deeper
than mere footprints
on her impressionable sands,
where nothing
ever lasts for long,

there is an indescribable
pause of calmness
that slowly unfolds within,
seeping into everything
by the cloak of my skin,
a feeling of the end
to an endless search
across uncountable
eons of time,

this is home
i say to myself
the satiation
of a hungry soul
can sometimes
take precedence
over the repetitive thirst
and hunger,
of a body
that relentlessly seeks more
of everything accessible
and beyond,
of everything
which superficially
to it tastes good,

but she reads my thoughts,
and her apparent affection
seems to vanish
as her army of winds
grows stronger,
trying to dislodge this
happily rooted tree,
as her gentle waves
slowly turning forceful
threatening the body
of a soul
which she realises
doesn’t seem to care,

“no one builds homes
till where i can reach”
she says sternly,
trying to appeal to the mind
of a soul that owns nothing,
“turn around and go back
to where those houses are,
for that’s where you belong,
back to where normal people
live normal lives,
seeking to better their worlds
each and every new day”

and without moving
my feet an inch
i obediently turn my head
to look back,
at the lights that now adorn
those normal homes
that from afar all look alike,
i reminisce for a minute
and then i turm my head around
and confidently in a whisper say,

“i have no home
to go back to,
so rooted i’ll stay here,
i have seen the deceptions
of those lights,
which do seem
so bright from here,
but this is where
i feel my home
and this moonlight
will more than suffice,
and even if eventually
the tree does fall,
i know
here with you,
atleast my soul
in this blissful peace
will always
be able to breathe.”

© vidursahdev 2020

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