i said
what i had to say,
with all the honesty
that i imbibe within,

and i wrote,
it is the written
that i trust,

for the spoken
often suffers,
from the moods
of the winds,

and re-read,
but the meanings
won’t change,

will the context,
in what
it was all written,

what is heard is often
diluted by time,
so in ink i wrote
what i had to tell,

i know my mind
and i know it well,
it has a heart
which holds the pen,

read and re-read
the words it wrote,
the ‘you’ in them
is an eternal theme,

i’ll disappear
like a whisper
in the wind,

but it is the ink
which will stay,
to reiterate the love
that i truly held within.

© vidursahdev 2020

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