I left
at your insistence,
but I know I have left worthy memories
that whether you want or not
will often enough remind you of me,

time immemorial
it itself suffers from this malaise,
that  even when it is right
it pretends it is not,
and if it is unable to find any other palatable excuse
it ruthlessly turns the best circumstances upside down,

I know
that I wasn’t the one you were searching for,
but for me it was different,
for I already beheld before me
everything that I could have
conceivably wanted to search for,

I am not sad
because any promise was made
or not made or was broken,
nor because time on the pretext of a healing
left another wound
to make its home in my heart,

I am sad at the thought
of where do I go from here,
for my destination was to journey alongside you,
and now
you have erased all those paths
from the map of life I hold in my hand,

the memories I leave behind
may not be enough in numbers,
but I have filled endless sheets of paper
and amongst the colours of the flowers and the butterflies
left traces of what I saw as love,

whether I remain visible to you or not
or whether you chose to see me or not,
I have scattered enough bits of me around to seed
and in the breeze I have left enough tales
of what you sprouted in my fertile heart,

I left
at your insistence,
but in the veins of each and every leaf
I have etched an inkling of my whereabouts,
and to ensure that you never forget me  
I asked each little bird of this universe
to chirp till the end of time
and sing my song  to you.

© vidursahdev 2020

8 thoughts on “I Left

  1. Absolutely Beautiful.
    There is a quote by Rumi I think – Become the soul of the place you are in – something close. I enjoyed that element in your poem that insists having a presence everywhere, it is up to others whether they choose to see or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the reaffirmation! I know…why alter ones own being from what it inherently is…upto them to see it as is, or not…for each person does have a right to his/her selective vision of what suits them…and me to my presence! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read something useful yesterday from Staci Jordan Shelton – She pointed out, it is one thing to hold someone accountable for hurting you, and another, to take responsibility that someone is not operating as per your preference. I thought that was useful distinction to remember as I attempt to preserve my inherent nature while functioning in relation to others. Gave me another layer of depth to stay aware of.

        Your poem is a beautiful composition, manages to take the mind away from all these deliberations 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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