i wait,
with an extra
cup of tea
in my hands,

the balcony fragrant
with music
and gentle
candle light,

i sip slowly
sunset to stars,

one cup gone,
the second
still up
for shares,

rain, i wait
i wait for you,
be it cloudy
or not,

i know
your dislike
for trying
to be predicted,

so i
don’t bother
with any
of that,

i just
wait patiently,
and begin
to sip again,

now from
the cup,
which originally
had your name,

there are two,
which lie empty
on the ledge,

and the other
supposedly yours,

i let them
peacefully be,
that starlit night,

as i bid my adieu
to them,
and to the waiting
for you,

for there is still
solace in a sleep,
which can happily
seed dreams,

the reality
of what is
or what is not,

and of the
that still
might happen,

between two cups,
on that
cozy balcony ledge,

under the blissful starry sky,
between a one cup me
and a one cup you.

© vidursahdev 2020

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