This was a piece of writing that got published on IndiaCurrents an online publication.

It relates to poetry, and my experience of being a part of a wonderful weekly online poetry circle of South Asian diaspora.

I would love for you to read it, so sharing the link below!

16 thoughts on “This one for my own memory

  1. I just read your piece – thank you for sharing. I was particularly struck by your words, “to feel the invisible deeply // is often an insane job” – – that hits home in such a piercing and provoking way.

    I wonder if are there any other writing circles for the diaspora out there that you recommend? I’ve been a writer my entire life, and have only recently returned to the folds of blogging, where I can both organize and outpour my work.

    Much appreciation,


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    1. Thank you so much for reading and responding, Puneet.

      I know only of this one, though you could search the net for more. Good to hear that you are getting back to writing and blogging. Wish you the best for that.



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