is it not just an illusion-
the existence of a past,
roads travelled, roles played
efforts stretched,
destinations reached
and their essences captured in
the powerful recesses
of the mind,

their relevance expired
in a present
which is so different,
from my today’s ask,
where a silent prized peace
is what is essentially sought,

needing to push away
but without any malice
egging the elastics to break,
and attempting to cut threads
of memories, of affections
of places and of people,
who may have been
water to the roots
or sunshine to the leaves,
but are now malefic
or eclipsed
or by their own choice

and as the camera clicks
a picture
of this present moment,
I see my reflection
smile faintly in the mirror,
as it reminisces
on those crumbling milestones
appearing on the charter
of this continuing journey,
that the sea within
has finally learnt
to bravely hold calm
over its unreflected storms,

a smile,
which once in a while
allows myself
in moments of self-reflection,
to ponder in amusement,
on those illusion-like memories,
to make some sense
of their contribution
to this present,
and the foreseeable future,

which were once lived,
but now
like yellowed autumn leaves
lie carelessly scattered,
within the fraying borders
of a fading photograph.

© vidursahdev 2021

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