Dark clouds
passing by,

none touch me
but i see some cry,

laden with weight
beyond their scope,

they trudge
their misery,

like mules burdened
with anothers load,

the winds whipping
an invisible whip,

for motion
is a must,

time will die,

blue skies
i miss,

white clouds
were a bliss,

which painter’s shift
is this,

who knows not
which colors to spalsh,

the canvas
itself weeps,

at its inability
to hold on tight,

its face streaked
with tears,

in colours of
countless grieving eyes,

i am conscious
of the reality,

but by choice
i remain remiss,

unclear in the moment
as to where i am,

in a fools paradise,

or in the paradise
of unworldly gods,

for i too
can pretend,

to be eternal
till i am not,

but i choose
to retain my sanity,

reflect a smile
like the moon,

knowing that beyond
the darkest clouds,

there is a sun
that still shines.

© vidursahdev 2021

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