The thing
about life is,
and that too
and only
if you
are awake,

you will know
without a doubt,
what feels like
the opposite
of a chill
down your spine,

as she
creeps in,
to take over
your waiting heart,

with nothing
than the vibrations
of her mere 
human presence,

and you’ll
be tempted
to remain frozen
in that moment,
for a forever,
that lasts

for moments
like that,
in a maskless life
are so very rare
to feel,
and to find,

but the thing
about life is…
and that too
and only
if you
are awake,

that being frozen
in life,
is never really
a very

and though
should be valued,
for the song
your ears
hear them sing,

thawing oneself
under the sun
of reality,
is the hardest good deed
done to yourself,

for freeing
and releasing
the lovestruck stuck heart,
from your own
creative sins.

Β© vidursahdev 2021

9 thoughts on “Time to Thaw

  1. Being frozen in life is NOT a recommended state! Our entire village, stuck or not, greets one another without masks, just like human beings. Tired of being bullied by those we know and love, we simply shut up and Live. Yes. That. ❀

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  2. Absolutely loved this poem – had to give it multiple reads to uncover layers of my experience and understanding of it. The use of repetition felt unique and beautiful in your poetry, and the words so brilliant – especially the conclusion.

    Liked by 1 person

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