one day
after much thought,
the sun asked
the earth…

i keep giving…
without getting
in return…

the earth
caught off guard
by a question
honest, yet absurd,

smiled back
at the wondering

i exist
till you do,
and in your existence
lives my world,

and amongst
all the stars
that glitter
across the universe,

you, dear sun
are the only one
amongst them all,
i proudly call mine,

and if you still
want to count
what you give
to weigh-in a return,

ask your eyes
what they see
and they’ll tell you
with a bright sparkle,

that in me
your existence
enjoys a meaning,
and a meaningful purpose,

and if you still wonder,
do look around
at what else
you have,

i’ll always be by far,
the most alive
and beautiful view
you’ll ever have.

© vidursahdev 2021

5 thoughts on “A Love Story

    1. Thank you. I love using these elements metaphorically…. there is such perfection in the universe, yet the exchanges can be weighed differently depending on what perspective one looks at from… sometimes the same is there in human relationships…the definition of each relationship is perfect, but the exchanges are not always so.

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