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i am guilty,
i fell
the forbidden well,

i know
you told me
not to go too close,

for beyond
that threshold,
you wouldn’t
be able to help,

for inspite
of the ensuing friendship,
it too is oft
reined in by limits,

but what is the point
of life,
if one stays bound
in safety,

and what is
the value of safety,
if the experience
of a fall is excluded,

and why is falling
such a demon,
when the fall
itself feels so sweet,

and even sweeter,
is the water,
of the well
you so unfairly forbade,

when forbidden
should’ve been the regret,
which i would’ve
carried to my grave,

had i not
tested the boundary,
and fallen
into this well,

and missed
seeing you
as the lone star
that i do need in my sky,

even though my view
from down here,
might seem
limited in its scope,

but every time
you peer down,
to see if i am still afloat,

you remind me
of the moon,
as once, it used to
remind me of you,

i am guilty,
i fell
the forbidden well,

throw me a rope
dear friend,
for there doesn’t
seem any other way out,

and if you seek
even better for me,
cut your cord of doubts
and let yourself fall in too.

© vidursahdev 2021

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