l o v e,

they have tarnished you
beyond recognition,
reduced you to synonyms
with wide and varied meanings,

blown you out of proportion
by binding you in shape,
coloured you red
as if you were one of many
that on a rainbow exist,

put you on calanders
and marked you
with different planned dates,
and in chocolates, candies
and champagne
they sell you with taste,

while a diamond measures
your worth,
its size defines your depth,
a vow announces
your allegiance
as if it were a war,

but l o v e,

i know you are different
so i keep away from these traps,

i don’t attempt to define you
for you are as shapeless as my soul,

as colourless as water
and as bubbly as a freshwater spring,

and even though i only know you
as that sweet fragrant feeling
that envelopes me when i am with you,

your strange but blessed existence
makes my own life so priceless
both, to experience and to own.

© vidursahdev 2021

16 thoughts on “Oh Love!

  1. This is so precious beautiful! You brought such refreshing energy to this energy of pure love, the conclusion is so perfect.

    I am so happy to get to engage with your poetry after this long time. I enjoyed each one of them that I read so far. What a treasure and treat tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

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