If ever
you can’t
find yourself
as you once were,

in the eyes
that questioningly
look back at you
in the mirror,

try searching
for yourself amongst
the dusty traces
of my words,

and you’ll hear
a subtle song
in the colours
of the rainbow,

like a medley played
on the canvas of skies
by the sun, the clouds
and the sweetest rain,

each verse a vision
stolen from you
each word a drop
waiting, to be reclaimed by you,

if you ever feel lost
just walk into
this little garden of words
i planted for you,

it has inked blooms
fragrant with your fragrance
which also, i secretly
stole from you,

slowly inhale yourself
as i once inhaled you
and maybe in that
i’ll find my deliverance too,

as all that
i knowingly stole from you then
slowly, unknowingly
finds its way back to you.

© vidursahdev 2021

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