they showed me
the mirror
of how i seem to be,
and i looked
at the image
they painted of me,

the reality
of the reflection
through their eyes,
like a good horror movie
scared the hell
out of me,

and for moments
i wriggled and jumped
like a fish out of water,
till i realised
that that fish was really
the old version of me,

the new one
had already
broken all mirrors,
of conditioned expectations
rose coloured glasses,

see me as you want to
for you own
your own perceptions,
but i am no longer defined
by what you
choose to see.

Β© vidursahdev 2021

5 thoughts on “Realisations

  1. The fish jumping out of water felt like such a clear image – it wriggled out so it just wasn’t the right water to be swimming in, what a relief to finally swim in the right waters of the ocean available.
    Powerful and Beautiful poem!

    Liked by 2 people

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