If i could choose
a disguise,

i’d probably be
a tree,

the one that plays
outside your window,

in demeanor,
yet silly enough
to let all the raindrops
splatter across
your window pane,

i know
how you love their sound,

i know
how it makes you smile,

i know
how you rush to your balcony
to smell the fragrance
of those lovestruck raindrops,
as one by one
they perish in bliss
having blessedly reached
their lover’s abode,

a tree!
oh yes, a tree,

sending you
silent messages
written on leaves,
on fading greens,
and some
on sparkling yellows,

across your balcony,
like a poet’s poetry
lying ignored
unread for ages
written on pages
yellowing with age,
strewn across
the only path
to his lover’s trust
her protected heart,

to be picked up
even if for clearing
the litter
it seems to
eventually become,
ending in a pyre
which this winter
warms her heart,

a tree,
silent, yet present,
whispering songs
into your ears
a gentle breeze
does oblige,
seemingly dead
but very much alive,

rooted deep
into the earth’s core,
rising everyday to meet
the waking
morning sun
permanently embedded
in your eyes,

nothing matters
to where,
when and how
i exist,

yet existing
in a way
that every leaf
of my existence
rustles unseen,
in a silently felt
unfathomable bliss,

oh yes, if i could
choose a disguise,

i’d probably be
a tree,

the tree outside
your window side.

Β© vidursahdev 2021

11 thoughts on “If I Could

      1. Hey V, my pleasure.
        It’s a lovely distraction from the madness of the world.
        Things are not great unfortunately, I’m grateful for the support network I have.
        Hope things are well with you!


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