the silly paradox
of the heart
that loves
because it does,

and does
because it loves,

is how to survive
beyond the list
of all those
irrelevant questions
which must be asked
of something,


which in these times
is more often than not,
given to fall
to petty betrayals,
than be known for upholding
the sanctity
of a sacred
committed trust,

and so,
often it happens
that unable to answer,
what in the first place
to it,
is a rather unfair
judgemental question,

it ends up living
in two places,
and slowly
dies in them both,


its home,
where it no longer
feels at home,

and the other,

the home,
which it knows
is home,

but can’t be
and won’t be,
untill there is
a miraculously fair
heart to heart
role reversal.

© vidursahdev 2021

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