are the ways of nature,
and often so strange
that they can only
be decoded by the coder,

i planted a seed
and quite innocently so,
though on hindsight
i seem to have
very intelligently called it ‘you’

a seed planted
in the only garden patch existing
in the arid estate of the heart,
the only valuable real estate left
amongst all I had ever truly owned,

and for days and nights
the rain refused to fall,
and even the normally reliable sun
for one cloudy reason or another
refused to show-up and shine,

and amidst this mess
the seed predictably
refused to sprout,
for how could it rebel
against its own preprogrammed nature,
a nature which now it intrinsically owned,

but strangely over this otherwise uneventful time,
something nourished it beyond the ordinary
and it inadvertently seemed to grow in size,
and so did its clout
over the land i had lent,

much like a stealthy, sneaky
land-grabbing real estate developer
who keeps acquiring all available tracts of land,
selling beautiful dreams on paper
but without ever sprouting a single home, 

and all i could do was sit and watch
quite like the helpless erstwhile landlord,
as I knowingly, unknowingly lost ownership
over all i had once owned,
unable to decipher till date
these covertly colonial,
and heartless ways of nature.

© vidursahdev 2022

4 thoughts on “The Strange Ways of Nature

  1. So hard, when we love with all of our heart. Yet, you know the old saying, if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to of its own free will, it is worth keeping close. Otherwise it is a trance that is (SO) hard to break. We have to acknowledge the ignorance of others. And the strange, circuitous path they have chosen. I feel you. 💕

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