(This piece takes inspiration from the ancient Chinese fable of Chang-e as indicated by the title. There is a link added at the end about the said fable.)

She sits on the moon
reading everything
i write,

often sheepishly
i presume,
for as the fable goes –
she’s still guilty of stealing
the elixir,
of immortality from me,

i come, i go
though my roots remain
tethered to the earth,

but i write
like an immortal,
though only one verse each life,
for i know
that she reads
only one page at a time,

the moon
my trusted ally,
always sends me a sign,

her immortality
with some reads –
her sighs
certainly do
live and die,

and imagine
my soulful glee,
when on those precious occasions
my simple mortal words,
do manage
to breach her immortal shields,

find in her
that sacred space,
her mortality
is still alive.

© vidursahdev 2022 (15th May, 2022)


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