Pic : Self Clicked

i struggle
inspite of myself
to string words
into a phrase,

into a seemingly
coherent sentence,
that says more
than it says,

(and sometimes
when i manage
more than one
in succession,

i pretend
they’ve become
a verse),

each time i do
to reach there,

you schemingly
snip the thread
that critically
ties me to you,

letting loose
them innocent flowers,
which were
my garland for you,

i see them scatter
like pearls,
each as bewildered
as me,

i know, i may
have a heart of stone,
but flowers
are not unfeeling pearls,

so i gather them
once again,
maybe another way
i’ll string them again,

for these flowers
will live only once,
and to see them
around their rightful place,

i do,

i do,

(inspite of my own
stoned heart),

i do owe it to them.

© vidursahdev 2022

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