thoughts pass
like rich
burdened clouds,

to precipitate rain,

i watch
them pass,

for something
to fall,

to lighten the skies,

but nothing does,

not even echoes
or words
from the hollow heart,

which once
would drip red
with evey breath,

as if it were the colour
of air
of feeling
of life
of choice,

and then
turn it
into an inky blue,

just before
it had
its chance
to meet the ground,

maybe the winds
are too strong,

or the heart’s
too parched,

to water
the seeds
that needed more
to sprout,

thoughts galore
flying through
my skies,

the wind
a devil
or a friend in disguise,

pushing them away
before i fall prey,


to the water
they carry,

and the words
i might write,

or repetitively

© vidursahdev 2022

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