Pic: Clicked by the Bee!

the bee
a stealthy thief
or a gentle
romantic lover,
a seeker
in search,
or just another
nectar digger,

the flower
a seemingly
yet energetically
or an intentionally
culpable lover,

who is to tell
the story
of them two,
for their roots
dig far deeper
than this
me and you,
and neither
can be unearthed fairly
to be shown
as any lesser
or greater
than the other,

nor reduced
or disempowered
by any imbecile
human definitions
nor governed
by any social
or man-made laws
of an artificially
bordered land,

for nature is
what nature is,
one a thief
and the other
a giver,
one on a mission
and the other
a seducer,
one a stinger
and the other
a charmer,

and though
they meet
to exist
for the continuance
of existence,
but one to one
(honey, i know),
they only exist
to be
with each other.

© vidursahdev 2022

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