Pic: Self

of sunsets
and sunrises
which would you choose,
if i for a moment
of imbecile self-indulgent imagination
were able to erase
all the colorful
visually extravagant experiences,
preciously captured
in your memory book

did the sunset
leave you
comfortingly satiated
with the knowledge
that even the sun
has no option
but to fall
and sink into oblivion
every day,

or was it the rush
of knowing
that what sinks
into the darkness
of an unknown night,
is the surest to rise
and bright
the very next day,

did the sunrise
which pierces
the night sky
with incremental
resurgent rays
one at a time,
fill you with the light
that your skies
are as susceptible
to what you
choose to shine,

or was it
the comfort of seeing
and knowing
that somethings
can be trusted
to always be there,
and beyond
all little existences bound
by a tick tock of breaths,
there’s a larger
which works rather silently
and never even
needs repairs.

© vidursahdev 2022

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