the monsoon clouds
coloured grey
and dark
carry their burden
like hapless mules,
under the governing eyes
of an invisible master
– the unyielding forceful
goal driven wind,
the crack of a whip
and lightening strikes
as thunder goads them
to move along,

at reaching exhaustion,
their emotional outbursts 
in a matter of time
will eventually fall
as tears or rain,
for flowing emotions
reach a point
beyond which they can’t be held,
each in their own
and on their own
sometimes a boon
though in excess
can often become a bane,

i wait and watch
as they slowly pass
trudging along
to the wind’s incessant
insistent nudge,
secretly hoping
that a few drops
coloured with
a flavourful authentic salt,
or not,
do manage to spill
over the top
and drop,

for i know
wishing beyond
might be an unfair ask,
to them that are not
geared enough
with an insulating protective
metaphoric umbrella,
to ward off
flooding falls
and flows of water,
or untethered withheld
lingering emotions,
inspite of the ominous
cloud formations,
and scientifically assessed
satellite predictions,
which dutifully forewarn against
the exhaustion levels
of the overworked clouds,
and maybe the hearts
that carry too much,
with a simplistic line
which really says
nothing at all,

beyond the obvious – ‘Heavy rain predicted today.’

© vidursahdev 2022

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