hey sun –
please shine…

like only you can,

distances don’t
i receive from you
wherever you are,

light, warmth, life,

i don’t ask for more
i really don’t need more,

though often,
from you
what i get,
can be
in moments of lament,
unfairly argued
to be unfairly less,

but i know many
who’ve got burnt
by asking for more,
so i keep silent
in voice
and in thought,

for i’d rather
contentedly sustain
within the rays i get,

than be
a completely bitter
creme brulee,
with an inedible complaining
burnt top,

hey sun –
please shine…

as you have
and as you must,

your mood doesn’t
nor does your age,
i receive you
and your grace
in all that you are,

and on days
when i miss
my share of you,
when you seem
to be masked
by a veil of clouds,

i wait patiently
with a yearning heart,
for the moon to deliver
that stolen light,
and revel in the intoxicating feeling
of it seeming to mirror ,
the mischievous shine
in her beckoning eyes.

© vidursahdev 2022

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