The god and me
both watch,
as she moves around
like the breeze,

we both know
this creation of his
is an artistic wonder,
accidentally inspired
from humble
requests from me,
and painted into life
in moments
of his own
creative ecstasy,

a subtle masterpiece
he has blessed her with
the glory of
a luminous butterfly,
and the tenacious buzz
of the busiest bee,

i watch silently
like a temporary flower
seated precariously
in an ornamental vase,
attached, detached
relishing the moment
of acknowledging the god
and his creation,

breathing in all
through my eyes,
with hands folded
in complete reverence,
though occasionally pinched
by wavering thoughts
needing to enquire 
of his possible intents
for this mesmerizing creation,

yet trying my best
to remain grounded
within the boundaries
of being a rootless flower
captive in a restrictive vase,

trying my best
not to pester him for answers,
and keep to the religion
of being lovingly grateful
in the moment,
for the presence of them both.

© vidursahdev 2022


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