cloudy skies
incessant rain,
both combine
to prolong my ache,
another night
they hide
my moon
from my sight,

but i hear
her voice
through the musical
as if
she were there,
on the other end
of an old fashioned
telephone line,

through the distance
the sparkle
of her smile,
while uncharacteristically
tucked under
her own
satin night covers,
for once
needing a rest
to heal her shine,

in morse
through the
splattering rain drops,
a pitter a patter
a dot a dash,
telling me
she’s still around,
even if tonight
she’s not in sight.

© vidursahdev 2022


3 thoughts on “Moontalk

  1. Even if! We’ve been having rain here again – always welcome – yet during the early evening, we can’t see the moon. But sometimes just after I finish reading whatever is at my bedside, I look out to see the moon shimmering diffused light through droplets of moisture. And I sleep. ❀

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